Thursday, December 31, 2009

Edith Lovejoy Pierce

"We will open the book. It's pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called "Opportunity" and it's first chapter is: New Year's Day." - Edith Lovejoy Pierce
MY Dad always taught us to make [not so much resolutions but] goals. So, in the spirit of the fast approaching New Year . . . here I go . .
  • [stealing this from MY Brother, I loved it - from our family party] More hugs - less handshakes.
  • Strategically avoiding those people I don't like. [hey it's a goal of MINE - judge as you WILL].
  • Finishing that last year [of what? Not telling].
  • Doing a better job at my ward calling.
  • Being there for my family more.
  • Taking an active interest in my family's lives - [sisters/bro/nieces/nephews/aunts/uncles].
  • Remember each family member's birthday - and call them.
  • To surround myself with people who make me a better me.
  • To surround myself with people - that when I leave being with them - - I feel better.
  • To get at least 2 family members to run a marathon with me.
  • To encourage others [especially my friends and family].
  • To compete only with myself.
  • To "not be sa critical" of others. [Thanks Dad - yes, it is supposed to be "sa"].
  • Stand up for me [and my family - as it pertains to them] - without being rude. [What can I say I am a passionate person.]
  • To be as good of a friend as Cassandra.
  • To be quick to listen and slow to speak.
  • To "be there" for family like Happy is.
  • To attempt to be as good of a listener as Ann.
  • To be a quiet example as Evie is.
  • To be as thoughtful as Ang.
  • To be as concerned for others as MY Brother is.
  • As giving as Dave.
  • As thought provoking as Jeff.
  • As quiet of a leader as Rob.
  • To be as non-judgemental and loving as my parents.
  • To be an example to my daughter/Husband.
  • To have my priorities in order [better].
  • Brand new - It's lights will inspire [this one is just for me to know].
  • To strive to make my home where we and others want to be.
  • To make Peanut's childhood at least 1/2 as great as mine was.
  • To expect less from others and more from myself.

Looking forward to the the "Opportunity" 2010 will bring.


Karine said...

Love it! Love it!

Unknown said...

OMGsh I am in your BLOG I M in your BLOG I LOVE it I LOVE YOU!!!! I am laughing, crying, smiling and thinking about the last hour I have been sitting on my butt reading your blog! THANKS I am so glad we moved to AZ almost 12 years ago. you are truly the best friend a best friend could have or be. And it is funny that you are writing all of those things because you already are and do them. We love you, and Mike and Elle and your wonderful family.

jymmebe said...

So sweet Em! Even though I don't comment much on your blog, I do read it everyday! :-) So proud of all your accomplishments this year! Looking forward to 2010 with you! I've enjoyed seeing your growth in many areas this year . . . . .

Love you!!!

jymmebe said...

How am I thought provoking? :)

amyraye said...

great list, emily. so great how you pulled all the best qualities out of each of your family members. a great tribute. you're off to a good start. keep it up.

Emz said...

Mom-love you.
Cass-I miss you more than ever (EVER).
Evie-I'm so happy you even read it (such a crazy busy awesome) sister you are.
Amy-you inspire me (I know -thick) but you do.
I have the best "support group" ever. ;)

Angie said...

Somehow I midde this the first time around but I love it- perfect.