Wednesday, December 9, 2009


About 2 hours ago I rushed into my local Basha's to buy Drain-O [not even going to explain this - it'll be a much happier post if I do not]. While I was there [in super sweaty running clothes] I thought it'd be a perfect time to see if they'd be interested in donating/supporting their most frequent shopper [me] in her marathon quest for the Sojourner Center. I was greeted by a man I chat with frequently about "The Flight of the Concords" episodes.

I pitched him my deal all the while clenching my drain-o. I stopped. I was done [talking]. He just stood there. Jaw semi-dropped. Eyes looking confused. Pen tapping his other palm. Just as I was about to say, "umm - so what do ya think?". He says, "why?".

Why am I raising money?

No - I get that part - that's great & I will make sure we donate something to our customer who is in here twice daily." [yep - he actually said that] ..... [what can I say - I like fresh ingredients].

Why do you run? Seriously - why?

I sat there like I was waiting for a cream puff sample at Costco. Big eyed. Mouth starting to water. However, there wasn't an 80 year old to knock me down with her cart to get the first cream puff sample.

"so" . . . why?

Do you really enjoy it? Is it just to raise money?

I wish I remembered exactly what I said to him. I know there was something about "alone", "quite", "air", "de-stressing", etc. Must have been good enough for him as he said, "Ya, I guess that makes sense. I'd just rather read outside." [And I'd rather eat cream puffs all day at Costco but .....]

But as I am a self diagnosed over-thinker . . . I continue to think about this "why" question.


I came up with these:
b e c a u s e :

  1. I can. I can run [maybe not as fast as some] but I can for a really long time.

  2. I can do something good with a talent I have been given.

  3. it clears my head.

  4. one of the few times outside a "spiritual setting" I feel at peace

  5. I feel strong.

  6. I feel empowered.

  7. the pride you feel after is so worth the [knee] pain.

  8. reduces any anxiety I may be feeling.

  9. my dog likes it [don't call the SPCA - I only take him 4 miles].

  10. I like to hear my feet hit the ground [odd, but true]

  11. I like to know I am pushing myself.

  12. Because I now suck at my "past life" [volleyball]. This white girl no longer has "hops".

  13. to stay married. ;)

  14. to run next to my Peanut on her bike.

  15. it makes me happy.
*Think Costco is sampling cream puffs right now?* I'm off to check.


Karine said...

I "wish" I had learned to enjoy running. It has always looked so appealing to me, but each attempt never brought the desired joys you have found. Possibly because my "stride" was frequently made fun of or because my gene pool didn't include distance running. Fortunately, an athletic father seems to have contributed greatly to your abilities. My contributution may be more on the competitive aspect of running. None the less, I have a profound appreciation for those who love to run and are good at it. Having raised an assortment of good runners I have become a proud spectator. Keep up the good work....whatever makes you happy is a worthy goal!

amyraye said...

nice list. i'm glad you are able to do something you love so much. did you get my check? and i got the confirmation e-mail from microsoft and they matched it.