Tuesday, December 15, 2009

buzz light-year ...space raaaaaaanger

So in my hunt for the perfect running watch, I found this:

...........if I had only known how much grief I'd incur for wearing this watch, I'm quite sure I would have purchased another. Nevermind that it is bigger than my wrist width & I can't wear it with heels [wait that might be very interesting ...... hmmmmm...... ] - I loved this monster!

Only had it 5 days and so far these are the comments I have received [family, strangers & postal workers alike]:

  • star command - come in star command.
  • hey - do you know where captain kirk is? [I don't even get that one.]
  • what's the square root of 244?
  • does that have Internet?
  • does that measure air pressure/tell you weather conditions?
  • are you a member of starfleet? [again, no clue]
  • do you have a calculator on that thing?
  • Where's K.I.T.T? [my personal fav]

Maybe I over shot [just a wee bit] on my purchase?!


The Eliason's said...

Ya, ummm, just wondering what time it is in MADAGASCAR? and by the way, can tell me how cold it is outside?...and yep, come on over for some tasty, MOIST frostbitten FROZEN chocolates. YUM, YUM!!

time for that WORD VERIFICATION i LOVE soooo much!

amyraye said...

looks pretty awesome to me.

The Eliason's said...

Does it COOK?

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Sooooo.....I think I will not be matching you with the watch/ satellite detector Garmin that you have. Mine, although it is still a Men's, it slightly more dainty and resembles a watch. It does look like you should be a brainiac with that thing on though.