Tuesday, December 22, 2009


[this is random - and fully aware only like 4 [Glendale 7th ward people] will even "get" this].

While driving today I saw a baby in a push chair [man what has Mike done to me?] - a stroller and the baby was moving all around. I found myself thinking [yes, does happen] "man he is flailing like crazy".

Then I just started smiling. Like a big that "lady is crazy" smile.

I immediately thought of Sister G. telling Sarah to "flail". "Flail! Sarah, flail!" I remembered everything about that day [including what Sarah & Amy were wearing that day]. Which may be odd to some but you must know how much I wanted to be just like these two. I remember how much we all giggled. I remember my brother's face red with laughter. I remembered how thankful I was that Sister G. demonstrated "flailing" as I would have been completely lost as to what that meant [especially at that young age].

Yep, random.
Yep, a long time ago.
Yep, good memories.
Yep, still want to be like those two.
Yep, made me smile.
Yep, I love memories of my childhood.


amyraye said...

Emily- i had the EXACT same memory come to mind and soon as i saw your title! no joke. i cannot think of that word whithout thinking of sister G and sweet sue sarah. every once in a great while, i still address something to sarah as "sweet sue". so funny that little skit we were in.
though, i CANNOT recall what i was wearing. :)

Emily said...

Sister G and I are getting a good laugh about this, although she has ZERO recollection about the "Flail!" incident. Ditto for me. It sounds really funny, but please elucidate: where did this happen? what were the circumstances?

Oh wait, I think I know! Is it, "Save me! Save me!" *flailing on the railroad tracks* "and then along came Jones." That's gotta be it.

Emz said...

Amy - navy Gap top/jean shorts/sandals --- I swear I am not a stalker. I'm sure I remembered so I could ask you if I could borrow it the next day. ;)

Emily - yep, you got it. Along came Jones. Yourfamily is awesome & your Mom - she is classic. So many great/funny memories with her. Funny how THIS one always comes to mind though.

amyraye said...

and then along came jones. tall, thin jones... i can't remember the rest. but it just put another smile on my face. i think sister G was also trying to force sarah to wear red lipstick- which she tried to encourage for just about the rest of our teenage years. man, those were some good times.

Sarah said...

so funny! i cannot think of the word "flail" either, without that skit and that youth retreat coming to mind. i'm glad i am not the only one. thanks for the trip down memory lane emily!