Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the best

Rock N' Roll 2010
AKA - The Sojourner Run & The "sisterhood" Run

Going strong. : )

Ewok [peanut] appears!

Not sure who to thank for the awesome heart decor on my lawn but - thank you!!  fabulous.  The new running glasses - from the Pita.  Flowers?  Tiff & Happy.  My new favorite photo in the whole world?  Taken by Auntie B.  Awesome experience.  Bring on NYC!


Karine said...

You're welcome! (For inheriting my genes for a great six-pack).

Lucy said...

yeah, no kidding. that's the only thing i saw, too - the six pack. sheesh. while i have less desire to run a marathon than even my own sister, i still think it's amazing to see people accomplish their goals. when's nyc?

Emz said...

You guys are funny. Love you both for the lie.

brooke - NYC - 11/7 [Tiff's birthday] ;)

amyraye said...

brooke- is that a challenge? how can we prove who doesn't want to run more?

emily- your six-pack is even better than ray's.

you're as beautiful as your mom; love that picture of you and her.

also, i know it totally doesn't matter, but did you "win"? *wink *wink

Angie said...

OMG- just seeing your awesome tummy makes me want to go run right now! Please some be my trainer. Way to go! This makes me all excited for mine.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

All right, ladies. As the person who had to run next to those AMAZING abs the whole race, lets just say, if I would have run naked, she still got more stares than I got glances. And yes, she beat me. By one second. She could have smoked the pants off of me, but she pushed (and pulled) me to the finish.

KamilahNYC said...

YAY! Congrats again and can I say, hello ABS?! ridiculous. (in a slightly jealous way)

amyegodfrey said...

You are amazing! Very impressive. I'm glad I found your blog, Emily

Sarah said...

um, the abs?!!! who has abs like that? apparantly karine does, i guess. but aside from you two, NO ONE!!!!!