Saturday, January 16, 2010

A saturday post?! Just for E-von.

Happy Birthday to MY Sister!

Well - you already know a few things about here from this post.  But there is so much [much] more. 


  • She is honestly one of the very busiest people I know but yet I know without a doubt if I needed anything --- she'd be there for me --- every time.  She always has been.
  • She is the one who ummmm came to my non-judgmental aid when I may or may not have had a party at my parent's place when they were on a vacation.
  • I love remembering the days of going to IHOP with her on Saturday mornings [Jeff was working] for the 3-egg omelet. yum.
  • I love that she & Jeff would let me crash their newlywed pad with frequent sleepovers.
  • I love her children.
  • I love her sense of humor.
  • I wish she lived closer.
  • I love that whenever I see her she gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
  • I love that she reads my blog.
  • I love that one day she will get a phone that allows her to comment on my blog. ;)
  • I love that this angel sister I have ... may have actually been [ever so slightly] a little rebel growing up.
  • I love that she married Jeff.  I was "pulling" for him the whole time.
  • I love that she puts up with me & my "uniqueness".
  • I love remembering the nigh when "crank caller" called.  How was I to know it was "Frank Caldwell"?!  It was soooo worth freaking out about.
  • I love the 3 days you worked at TCBY.
  • I loved that you always asked for the same birthday dinner as me.  More potatoes please!
  • I love that she called me on my birthday.

  • I love that she tried on these [seen above] at Christmas - even though I didn't love the comment from her hubby. ;) [please note she is "holding-on" for dear life on the chair & Ang's hand beside her.  Classic Eliason moment here.
  • I love that she is an awesome Mom.
  • I love the rules she has for her children.  strict but look at how they are turning out.  amazing.
  • I love how sensitive she is.
  • I love her incredible better than blue eyes.
  • I love playing Taboo with her.
  • I wish I saw her more.
  • I love MY sister.
Happy Birthday!!


The Eliason's said...

I think we should all go in on a pair of "working shoes" for Evie for her bday!

amyraye said...

happy birthday, evie!

hope your marathon was spectacular, emz.