Friday, January 22, 2010

in this little brain

My random thoughts of the day.

  • I really want to know who left these:

  • I want to know why [more often than not] the camera catches me looking confused.

  •  a n d  - possibly why the camera also catches other people looking at me like I'm confusing them too!
  • wondering how rain water got in my sliding door in my office.   The door currently does not open [thanks to our little burglars].
  • if installing rain gutters is worth it for the two days it rains here.
  • if my bro & sisters are having as hard of a time finding dad a b-day gift as me.
  • if my dad is going to send me an Obama hater email today.  My day feels odd without it.
  • if one day I should spend a night without the Pita or Peanut.  odd thing is I don't really want to.
  • if I'll ever find a real [old school] typewriter for Peanut.
  • if my neighbor can hear me sing in my office.
  • if Shauna is close to having her baby.
  • that I can't believe I'm being released from being Primary sec.
  • if Peanut will like it that I'll now be with her at achievement days.
  • is it going to rain more or can I go get my car washed?
  • umm ya, I should probably go get Chuy from the front yard.
what?  It only took me 15 minutes to write this.  he's a dog.  he's fine.


Emily said...

Shauna had her baby on the 14th!. She posted pictures on facebook that I just now saw.

Karine said...

Love the hand action. (Maybe they are reading the back of your jacket)? Dad's email is coming. I would love to hear the singing....didn't know you did that! Hope you didn't wash the car.

amyraye said...

yes, hack into your mom's fb account. you're out of the loop.
never a night away from your daughter or husband? wow.
i think i had more questions/comments, but my little brain's not fully functioning right now; too tired.

Emz said...

Am I an awesome friend or what? [HA!!] but thanks soooo much for the info Emily!!

Lucy said...

well, don't leave us in suspense ... what DID the back of your jacket say?

Emz said...

Brooke - I'm super clever ;) our jackets (made by my sweet mother) said.. Wait for it... Wait for it .... "my "pace" or yours?". The other female runners loved our jackets. Almost sold it on the run. The guys? Well mike wasn't too impressed as runners would run up to us and say, "yours!!". Uggg. ;). Men.