Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ooooops I did it again

My "stupid acts" for today [so far]:

  • giving the basha's clerk $40 when she needed $80. ummmm, she actually told me two times, "it's $74.22".
  • It's really sad because I fully knew the gift card I purchased was $50.
  • tripping in my doctor's office. so I may have banged the wall - but I stayed up!
  • getting lost in Mesa [how long have I lived in AZ?!]
  • getting my heel stuck in my car floor mat while on the freeway and wasn't able to stop [for like a whole 3 seconds but f r e a k e d me out!]
  • walking around fresh & easy for 15 minutes then having a lady tell me I had "something silky" coming out of my skirt. got to love ill-fitting "g's".
  • google-ing "prednisone side-effects"
  • using bleach to do a 5 minute clean my of bathroom
  • splashing bleach on my favorite [not-so cheap] jeans
  • not realizing that when I set down the bleach container on our kitchen island it left a little drippage
  • folding the laundry on the island
  • the Pita's shirt now having a sweet white dot look to it
  • it now looks way sweeter than it did here:

Now - -if I could just get him hold his hand across his stomach just as it is in this photo [each time he wears it] - we'd be fine.

  • good news - I only left [or possibly forgot] our dog Chuy outside for 45 minutes during the whole bleach ordeal.


Karine said...

So many oooops for a day that was supposed to be so great. From my perspective, it was still wonderful. PS: The bleach disasters are inherited. Should have warned you about that gene.

Poor Chuy! Twice in one week????

amyraye said...

bleach episodes seem to happen all at once. you can't just ruin one thing; it's got to be several things. and they're always so baffling.

Julie said...

I so had that day on Saturday!!! Wait maybe thats EVERYDAY!!! LOL