Wednesday, January 27, 2010

butt crack of dawn

this is a portion [of the phrase] the Pita says to me 3 days a week.  [I'm choosing not to tell you exactly how he uses it.]

I love dawn.  sunrises even over sunsets, for me.  and I am a sunset - f r e a k .  Or I may just be a freak --- hmmmm --- I'll think on that later.

Life & my day just seems more real, raw, spiritual [in the thinking sense], better organized & [gasp]  c a l m - when I wake up at the butt crack of dawn.

And as an added bonus the butt crack of dawn fairy brought me rain as well!

Just wish she'd bring me photography lessons - next time.  awesome new fancy camera.  not-so-sweet photographer.


Julie said...

the picture looks pretty sweet to me!

amyraye said...

you like to run AND you like to wake up at the {butt} crack of dawn? how are we friends?

and what kind of camera did you get?

Emz said...

Julie - you are far too kind.
Amy - [sing it w/me ] - because opposites attract. it's a nikon D500 or is it D5000?! I don't remember & I'm walking the dog...can't check. It's an awesome camera - just need to watch the DVDs that came w/it, I guess. Bummer.