Friday, January 1, 2010

What could be better?

Things I love:
  • clean sheets
  • fresh cut grass
  • a good 6 hours of sleep
  • that the laker's lost to the Suns
  • Denny's pancakes at 12:21am on New Years Day
  • friends who make me laugh
  • a Dad who calls to tell me he loved my blog post that day
  • the smell of coffee
  • a family party where everyone is happy.
  • nieces/nephews who text me
  • being so close to my mom
  • new shoes [any]
  • cards [especially from the Pita]
  • my back scratched
  • Peanut's notes she leaves me daily
  • when the tooth fairy makes it to Nana/Papa's for the "special molar"
  • when my VT's leave a New Years plant for me to grow [kill] in the coming year
  • birthday coupons - eating for "free" for a week.
  • a hairdresser who is equally as fabulous at being a therapist
  • seeing Joel McHale live - hilarious
  • this photo:

Happy New Year!

1 comment:

Karine said...

Great list....especially the picture of peanut! Is that where Happy's uke came from?