Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No, we're never gonna survive unless . .

 . . . We are a little

. . . c r a z y .

[or a lot]

Ya, um so I signed up for another marathon.  It's on Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday.  Yes, Mom, that's 3 marathons in two months and pretty please don't tell Dr. Rada. 

BUT . .

If I can run fast enough.  I can get guaranteed entry into NYC.  Which is like the best gift - - e v e r .  And like the little engine that could . .  I just really "think I can".  I very well, may fail, but heck, at least I gave it a shot, right?

And seriously, if I can have this much fun doing it [mile 25.4 from December marathon; Tucson]:

Why not?


amyraye said...

who is crazy enough to do this with you?

Emz said...

Amy - - Currently? no one. But is this your unique way of saying YOU'D like to join me?

Lucy said...

i don't know that crazy is the right word. mad? ridiculously insane? maybe that's more like it. i don't get it. but good luck =)!

Kera said...

you get out of here with that stomach. or did you freaking pull that stock shot from the runner's world website??? holy moley. well hello. i'm not creeped out by you at all...just the fact that you are a freaking machine. you go girl. it's nice to know that we have the same thoughts though. at least i have that in common with you.

Julie said...

You go girl!!!

Julie said...

and again I covet your awesome body!!!! Your my hero!