Friday, January 8, 2010

queen of cakes

last night.

I may have said a sarcastic remark while watching the show "Ace of Cakes" for a whole 30 seconds [during commercial breaks from the BCS game]. I may have said something like, "hmmm, I don't remember being sung to [yet] for my birthday & interesting, I don't remember getting even a slice of cake." [even though I do have a promise of a frozen slice for Ang [yum] and did get a cookie with ice cream at lunch yesterday with mom & dad]. was I being slightly ungrateful?! The room went silent. "This weekend right, Pita? You're making my homemade carrot cake without raisins this weekend, right?" [silence]

whatever. off to the shower, I went [or went loudly?!].

I came out to the kitchen to find this:

Peanut making [and sampling] a cake. for me. [this may be a good place to add - she's never done this before. ever [not even with me, (huff)]

there were a couple of noises that were questionable. also a "ahhh man" that worried me a bit. but I stayed sitting. [mostly because I didn't want to see the mess but also because she said if I got up to check she'd "stop". threats? seriously? so thanks for the photos Pita.

Came out of the oven - looking & smelling - a m a z i n g [even though no timer was "set"] ..... "Mom, don't worry. it says just to check it with a toothpick when I think it's ready."
The one thing, I was allowed to do was tip it out of the pan. which resulted in this:

which brought out the Pita's favorite "Tommy Boy" line . . "what'd you dooooo Richard?". nice.

Me: Uhhh peanut did you spray the pan?
Peanut: d a n g it.
Me: get a fork!

awesome. crazy good. 100% thoughtful. beyond totally edible. fabulous "magical cake". the best birthday cake yet.


kristen said...

that cake looks delicious. glad you enjoyed it.

great job peanut. (and pita)

Karine said...

Now that's a piece of cake I could get my teeth into. Save me a piece (freeze, if necessary). Sorry we didn't sing to you. We still will for a piece of cake.......

amyraye said...

my kids NEVER remember to grease the pan. annoying. and they also never mix all the dry ingredients completely in with the wet ones (as evidenced in your pictures also). and- elli doesn't "need" a timer either. funny.

The Eliason's said...

She, ellie, obviously doesn't get cooking from "my side of the family"!! job well done, now we can all rest peacefully, you've had your cake and ate it too!!