Thursday, January 21, 2010

got your back

guilty.  I've always been a Sandra Bullock fan.  But after Sunday's Golden Globes - - - even more so.

She said something that struck a cord with me:

"Family isn't just who you're born to, related to or what color you are.  It's who's got your back." 

Who's got your back?  Who's got your back?  Who's got your back? 

I loved this.  simple.  straight forward.  true.

She didn't add:
  • when convenient
  • when you have a moment
  • as long as you see things eye to eye
  • as long as they are nice
  • as long as they appreciate it
  • as long as they acknowledge it
  • as long as they are doing what's right
  • as long as they do the same for you tomorrow [or ever]

That thought kept going through my mind, for two reasons.

1.  I realized how lucky blessed I am to have so many people in my life who I know  with certainty .. have "my back".
2.  I realized how much I want to be the girl people know has their back.

I'm sure there are other greater compliments to strive for in life but this is the one I'll be working on [for now].


Angie said...

awesome! Love this. Also, my marathon is April 24th (or 25th-ish, right around then) in Oklahoma City

Packard Family said...

Actually, Emily, you have mistaken my picture for Sandra's. It's Ok, don't feel dumb; people do it all the time. And if you ever want to borrow my purple dress, just let me know.

Emz said...

Angie - awesome. Wish I was running it too! ;)

Laura - I MISS YOU!! So happy you "commented". Now I've got cha where I want cha' [well not really - I want you HERE but.... this will do until Sept.]