Friday, January 15, 2010

Uhhh huhhhh whhhhaaa ?!?!?

When I returned home from taking Peanut to school, the Pita called asking me to look for something he [thought he] left in my car.

No, the "something" wasn't there but this was:

AS any good Mom would . . . I opened it immediately.

The "don't scream" kinda freaked me out until I saw what laid below . .

Uhhhhh huhhhh whhhaaa ?

I'm quite sure she meant the year to be "2031".  I love this kid.


amyraye said...

sad, but we were probably totally dreaming about our wedding days that young, too. :(

The Eliason's said...
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The Eliason's said...

wha...look at did remove the "varification", what I was going to say was, the only concern I would have is the two tone hair.

(working on the blog color, cookies are the best, sorry to tell you, and I SOOOO rock the shoes!)