Monday, January 25, 2010

My Dad - Happy 71st!

MY Dad - okay so he might have other children but he'll always be [just] MY Dad [to me].

I love the story my Mom wrote in my baby book [cliffnotes version]:

Gordon just took Emily out to look at the stars [age 3-3.5].  Emily said she could touch them.  To which Gordon replied, "Well I don't think so - they are pretty far away".  Emily sat there for a few seconds then looked at Gordon and very matter of factly said, "I'll just stand on your shoulders then."

I still feel the same way today.  I can do anything with the love, care, support of MY Dad.

Just a few of my fondest memories:
  • Playing scissors on FHE night
  • Going for run/walks at night
  • Father's blessings
  • Father's interviews [ok-they may have not been my favorite then but .... ]
  • Him ordering his grrr, grrr, greeeeeen burro at Los Compadres
  • swimming with us in his sweet black framed glasses
  • fire pit marshmallow cooking on Turkey Day Eve
  • watching crocodile Dundee like every 3rd day
  • watching sports with him
  • when he brought home the stretching machine from work one day because he "touched his toes" after using it once.  Never used it again.
  • yelling for me at volleyball games
  • twig races in Logan
  • telling me, "don't be sa critical"
  • him telling me I hadn't broken my arm on the trampoline when I really had. [one BIG point for me!]
  • the "where's Emily" game.  awesome.
  • yard work
  • hearing his friends call him "twinkle toes"
  • Not going camping. ;)
  • always coming home right at 5pm.  If it got to be 5:05pm - I'd start praying instantly, as I knew this must mean he was in a car accident.
  • My wedding day - walking me down the aisle.  I'm lucky.  I was married twice. ;)
  • having a dad that'd make a fool of himself in front of my friends.  I'd ASK him too.  Please do the band majorette thing dad - please, please, pleeease!
I adore MY Dad.


Karine said... doesn't get any sweeter than that. Where did you find those pictures. Love the copy-cat pose at the pool and the father and son in matching 3-piece suits. (Where are your other siblings in front yard picture?)
I adore your "Dad", too.

Lucy said...

isn't it funny how we always were sure 71 was an old man and yet when we look at how great our parents look at that age, there is no way you could convince us that they're "old". happy birthday, bro eliason.

Sarah said...

Love those pictures! Happy Birthday Gordon!

Emz said...

Mom- what other siblings?! ;)
Brooke- sooo true. Agree completely. 71 doesn't look like it used to. ;)
Sarah- don't you just love the outfits. Love it!

amyraye said...

ditto to what brooke said.
Happy Birthday, Bro. Eliason!
and i was wondering the same thing about how you got a picture of your parents with just the younger two. did you photoshop the others out?

The Eliason's said...

Perhaps if you only had the two in the picture, you could have purchased us some clothing that was in-style.

Also, taking this picture in front of those hedges just brings back horrible Saturday chore memories.

Not to end on a bitter note. Happy Birthday Dad!