Monday, January 11, 2010

the Sunday post

No - my Sunday looked nothing like the "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" it was really great though[and I love that my mom taught my class about this painting like 82 years ago, when I was 12].

  • I got to have a little visit with my Dad
  • I did my nails with Peanut
  • I got to sleep in
  • We had ribs [super yum]
  • I got my homemade carrot [raisin free] birthday cake
  • When Peanut & I got home from church we [awesomely] noticed a bathroom counter & sink in her bathroom [after 15 months!]
  • There was a huge display of *^$%@# all over her sweet new bathroom
  • Peanut managed to draw 8 photos from 3-5pm which are now taped on to her door
  • We call Sunday's "Peanut Paper Day's" - she goes through at least 20 pieces each Sunday do to the [more closely] monitored TV viewing. [or maybe, in all honesty, she just doesn't get control of the remote on "sports Sunday's?!]
  • Peanut made her list of short term/long term goals [on door as well] --- I may need to discuss what "short" & "long" mean when referring to goals
  • I got to go to Relief Society
  • It was Ward conference
  • Did I mention I got to go to Relief Society [never thought I'd use the words "got to", when referring to RS.]
  • Stake President gave a talk that I swear was written just for me.
  • Started the B of M - [again, [huff] - we shall make it through this time!!]
  • Found out we are going to Dubai for Christmas this year - is it ok I'm a little uneasy?!
  • Found out my Mom-In-law thought I had won the little practice marathon I ran in December. why do I feel like I've let her down?! ;) j/k - I'm completely happy with it [effort/time]- but it was very funny.
  • I was reminded that it's crucial to reach out / love others - in what ever way I can
  • Charity is a simple yet very complex word

and for my Peanut:

  • Sunday morning mello roasting with Nana & Papa just may be the very best way to start off a Sunday - - b r e a k f a s t !


amyraye said...

my first thought when i saw that painting went back to horizon art parents, too. my teacher was josh gable's mom. is it impressionist?

the older i get, the more i enjoy my sundays, too. we're getting old. enjoy RS while you can- you never know when you'll get pulled out of there for another calling. :)

Karine said...

Amy: The Surraut painting technique was "pointilism". I am impressed you remembered your art teacher.

Emz: That was a great Sunday for us, too. Thanks for making ours better. Dubai????

Shout out for RS!!!!

Emily said...

Emily, my friend Toria lives in Dubai. It seems pretty cool. Her blog is

Thanks for you email. You rock.