Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It DOES actually happen Papa!

The conversation usually goes like this:

Papa: Hey Em. How are you? How's my little Sweetie? [fully knowing "sweetie" is NOT me]
Me: I'm good Dad.
Papa: Ohhhhh good. Ummmm so how's Ellie?
Me: Ya, Ya - she good. Always is.
Papa: I tell ya. That kid. She is so good. So obedient. So kind. [I've tuned out by now - I forget all the 5-7 other positive things.]
Me: Yep. I'm lucky.
Papa: You sure are. I mean - what a great kid. ..... .... [I might be ADHD as again I must have gotten bored with all the "she's great" comments.]

Don't get me wrong. He's right 99.99999% of the time. And I love that he notices what a terrific kid she is.

However, I got this attitude after school.

Mom, I feel like Cinderella. "clean up after the dog?" - ummm ya it's your dog.

"help with cookie dishes?" - yep, it's for YOUR activity days tonight.

"put away my clothes?" - shall we donate them instead?

"clean the sliding door?" - unless you want to put cling wrap all over it from your dogs nose/tongue.

Then in a [failed] attempt to make "light" of the drama I beckoned, "Cinder-Ellie, can you please sweep up the crumbs from your salami baguette sandwich since your other dog apparently won't eat a crumb smaller than a golf ball."

Total breakdown - tears .... drama .... drama .... drama ....

My little "Cinder-Ellie" at 2.

Believe it or not Papa, she does have an "off" day - once every year. ;)

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The Eliason's said...

Perhaps it's the evil Stepmother that makes her do ALL those chores!!! IF I had a DAUGHTER, I would NEVER make her do any work. I would let her be the Princess that she is and be waited on hand and foot...ok...who am I kidding. Sorry Ellie, you may be a Princess, but even princesses need to scrub a toilet and pick up dog poop. Just be sure to do in great heals and lipstick!! Love you both!!!