Tuesday, January 5, 2010

totally awesome

So while being sick yesterday [and still today - yuck]. I had the chance to write a blog I had been meaning to for weeks.

However, I woke up to a text from MY Bro which said, "Happy Birthday! Dropped something off at your doorstep. Have a good day. LV, Mike & Ang". Awesome. I was super excited but waited about an hour until my nose would allow me to breath to make the huge trek to the door.

When I got there I found this:

Awesome. Thoughtful. Meaningful. Quite possibly, the best gift - ever. Ummm, yes, she did give me more than one Bordeaux - but I'm not telling how many.

Then an adorable card from my Peanut. the cutest ever.
Then opening my email account brought loads of fun!! An early morning, "Happy Birthday" from Cass and a promise of a phone call later! ;) Then, an email from dear young Mom. With a reference to sunsets [my fav] and that I'm her favorite [I may or may not have made up that part]. Followed by an email from Dad about how dogs must be democrats. hilarious. Then the Pita said he was staying home today. Sweet. Love it. Then a text from Ashley, "Happy Birthday Girlfriend". Then a text from Judi, "Happy Birthday Grandma!".
Next an email from Ann. saying , "can I bring you a Mojo's yogurt?". Ya, like in her "spare time"- HA! what a sister. Even included she's going to make it to the marathon to watch!! Oh & yesterday an email from my cousin Kijuana - loved that! Then an text from Kim asking if I had lunch plans and if she could bring me something. Am I a lucky girl or what? She then informed me she'd be dropping something by. ["something" was "a lot of things" actually . . an amazing floral arrangement, lotions & a bracelet - how fabulous is that?! Thanks Kim.] Now, just in ... an email from Shar. fabulous.
Then, I got this:
for years, i have thought of you on january 5th. i don't know if it's your actual birthdate, but i'm pretty sure it's within a day or two of that date. so happy birthday my new-found friend!

another memory that i can't seem to shake is the Sunday that you entered the sunbeams. since your birthday was that first week of January, you were separated (or ripped- as it seemed) from the friends you knew. you were devastated and couldn't figure out why all your other friends got to be one class and you were in another. there were lots of tears. i was even crying for you. it must have been quite a scene because i have such a vivid recall of that day. do you remember it?

anyway, i hope you're feeling better. i have really enjoyed getting to you know as a grown woman (do you consider yourself a grown woman? that sounds weird to say!). i hope you have a wonderful year, full of ups and ups!

A few hours later, an email from my long lost best friend Shauna. excellent.
Then quite possibly the piece de resistance the email from MY Dad: with the subject line, "To my youngest daughter". Sorry too personal to share. awesome.
An email from Auntie Becky. she always remembers. And a "Happy B-day you ol fart", from Morgan. Now, a phone call [gasp - people still do this??!] from Evie. quite possibly the busiest sister I have. Means everything. This is the best birthday ever - sick or not. Don't think I have ever felt more loved in all my "??" years.


The Eliason's said...

Guess it's pretty GREAT to be the favorite...:) Happy Birthday! We love you!

Karine said...

I get everything, except, "Happy Birthday, Grandma" from Judi? Hope your day continues to get better as the day goes on. xoxox

amyraye said...

glad you're enjoying your day. what is freezer tape? you are very loved- and so lucky to be "locally" loved by all your family!

Karine said...

http://www.4elisons.blogspot.com/ Amy, this link may explain the "freezer supplies gift" to Emz from Ang. Seems that with her new sub-zero freezer, she is the freezer queen.

Angie said...

Wow- happy birthday! I am thrilled to have found you.

kristen said...

happy birthday emz.